Human Race - Dirt Eater
Massacre Records
Melodic Metal
12 songs (55'00)
Release year: 2001
Massacre Records
Reviewed by Danny

This is the second album by this Swedish melodic metal band from Gothenburg. Human Race, formed in the mid 90's by vocalist Stefano Marchesini and guitar player Robert Hansson, who are still the driving force behind the band, are back with Dirt Eater.

I was a bit impatient to hear their new record because Human Race is compared by some journalists as the new Pretty Maids, a band I really like. Starting with the fast groovy opener Paralized over the mid-tempo Some Fall In Summertime to the epic Band New Dawn, there are nothing but good songs (rock 'n' metal). From Talisman to Pretty Maids, I can say Human Race plays a melodic metal not bad at all for my ears.

However, I have heard this type of songs and metal also a thousand time before and there is absolutely nothing new in their music. The impressive vocals of Stefano Machesini, which can be heard on Rainbow's cover Tarot Woman, save somehow the journey. As I like to say, there are too many bands nowadays and Human Race will have to fight hard for recognition, because they belong to the second division. And the first division is very far away today ... if not out of reach.

Sorry guys, but for me (and my heart) there is only one Pretty Maids. Not bad, but nothing unforgettable here.

Killing Songs :
The Web, Paralyzed
Danny quoted 65 / 100
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