Kamelot - Karma
Noise Records
Symphonic True Metal
12 songs (48'01)
Release year: 2001
Kamelot, Noise Records
Reviewed by Chris
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Kamelot are back with a killer album (for a change). This new opus is the logical continuation of Fourth Legacy. Its been made with the same formula, excellent symphonic true metal killer songs interspersed with slower paced songs. This time there are more killer songs than in Fourth Legacy, but still there is a bit too much slow paced songs in the overall. I can't stop imagine what it would be if the entire album would contain 10 songs of the quality of the excellent Forever or Wings Of Despair.

The orchestration are stronger than the precedent opus, thanks to the masters Sascha Paeth (Heaven's Gate) and Miro. Again their production sets an example of what to do to obtain symphonic speed metal. Like a trademark, you could tell they work on the album without knowing it (just like for the last Mob Rules). They're also guest musician (guitars and keyboards / orchestral arrangements).

Musically it sounds like the 5th legacy :) if I can say so, it continues exactly where the 4th legacy ended, with very catchy and fast melodic songs. The warm sound of guitars mixed with the omnipresent orchestral arrangements (piano / violins) brings the music a perfect balance. Very good job on guitars (both riffs and solos). Vocals are what you'd expect from this very good True Metal band, they're really excellent and the more I listen to it the more I'm addicted to Khan's voice.

Perfect production, excellent artcover and booklet, killer songs, this is without hesitation the best Kamelot album so far (4th Legacy was already a killer). You're into Rhapsody, GammaRay, Edguy and the other True Metal masters, beware of Kamelot, they're on their way to the top with every new album being better than the previous one. I close my eyes and wish that the next one will contain only fast songs, if so it could very much be THE album. A buy-or-die album for True Metal fans. Congratulations !

Killing Songs :
Forever, Wings Of Despair, Karma, Across The Highlands and Fall From Grace
Chris quoted 92 / 100
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