Within Temptation - Mother Earth
Season Of Mist
Atmospheric Metal
10 songs (53'54)
Release year: 2001
Within Temptation, Season Of Mist
Reviewed by Sin
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Well, I know I'm a bit late on this review, but everything comes to who knows to wait. And let me told you that it wasn't in vain as this Mother Earth is a pure jewel.

I already liked their precedent album Enter as well as the single The Dance, but this new one is another kind of harmonic treasure and purity that leaves the old work a few light years back. The female voice of the Dutch singer Sharon Van Adel is divine and overcome almost all female singers in the metal scene (except maybe Anneke of Gathering). All songs in this album are as many pearls one another and they'll stay carved in your mind "ad eternam" ! A movie original soundtrack appears on some tracks and unmark themselves of everything that has been done in the style and originality as much as the feeling are numerous strong points of this album (btw, I think they are only good points on this disk).

The only little problem we could deplore this Within Temptation is that its not distributed here in Switzerland. No need to gloat any longer, it is now time for me to get back this daily rush that it gives me when I listen to Mother Earth.

Killing Songs :
In Perfect Harmony, Ice Queen, Deiciver Of Fools
Sin quoted 92 / 100
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