Ross The Boss - New Metal Leader
Candlelight Records
Heavy Metal
11 songs (48'39)
Release year: 2008
Ross The Boss, Candlelight Records
Reviewed by Marty
Surprise of the month
Most will remember Ross "The Boss" Friedman as being a founding member of Manowar. He recorded arguably some of the band's best work over their first 6 albums; spanning the period from their debut in 1982 until their Kings of Metal album in 1988. However, before that he was also a founding member of the New York based proto-punk band the Dictators who along with bands like The New York Dolls, helped pave the way for the punk explosion in the mid 70's. Ever since leaving Manowar, Ross has been involved in several musically unrelated projects but after appearing with a Manowar tribute act a few years back at a European festival, the metal bug bit him again and he hired the entire band to be his new backing band. Produced by Tarek Maghary of Majesty, New Metal Leader sees the triumphant return of Ross The Boss to the epic and old school heavy metal style of his Manowar days; something the fans have been waiting for him to do for many years now.

After a big "majestic" sounding intro simply entitled I.L.H., Blood Of Knives kicks the album into high gear with its driving and old school metal style. Hammering double bass and a very strong chorus tops off this track; fuelled by the very solid vocals of Patrick Fuchs. Ross' big thick guitar tone drives all the tracks on this album with Death and Glory also moulded from the classic speedy muted riff style of Painkiller era Judas Priest. Most racks are of the mid tempo variety with Plague Of Lies featuring a very Saxon/ Accept inspired main riff and big gang chorus. I Got The Right, We Will Kill and Matador offer more plodding epic heaviness with May The Gods Be With You taking on more of a commercial 80's metal flavour with the catchy vocal melodies. The classic Manowar style makes appearances with the tracks God Of Dying and Immortal Son. God Of Dying begins with a clean intro before building in heaviness and really highlights the passionate singing style of Patrick Fuchs. Immortal Son features all that was so great about the epic and majestic sound of the earlier Manowar albums.

Ross' guitar playing is very solid and his lead guitar work very precise and not overly flashy. Tarek Maghary's solid production gives the album a decidedly 80's feel yet with a very powerful guitar sound and lots of great riffs. All that's missing is a few more killer songs. Fans of Manowar and of Ross The Boss can rejoice in this new metal "venture" by this metal veteran. Although the hatchet was buried years ago and there are no more hard feelings between Ross and the current Manowar camp, New Metal Leader blows the last few Manowar albums clean out of the water. I can't help but feel that even subconsciously, he was driven to do so.....

Killing Songs :
Blood Of Knives, I Got The Right, God Of Dying, Matador and Immortal Son
Marty quoted 80 / 100
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