Medusa - En Raga Sül
Monotonstudio Records
Sludge Punk/Metal
15 songs (31:21)
Release year: 2008
Monotonstudio Records
Reviewed by Goat

Nasty. That’s the first impression that you’ll get after listening to the debut album from US Sludgesters Medusa, formed from members of the rather kickass Racebannon. Not perhaps as nasty in the traditional Eyehategod or Grief manner, but there’s a wholesome unpleasantness to En Raga Sül that makes it a great listen. Imagine a pissed-up Melvins playing Punk covers with an even drunker Queens Of The Stone Age and you’re mostly there, the energy that each song possesses being remarkable. Songs rarely last more than two minutes long, the longest track present being just over three, and they’re all possessed of big fat riffs that will knock you down and rub your face in the dirt whilst giggling maniacally. There’s a pleasing MC5 quality to it all, a rawness that makes the songs rock that much harder, and whilst listening to much can drag a little, the songs are varied enough to make it enjoyable enough.

Really, there’s little to complain about. Taking a few examples at random, Transform is a feedback-filled foot-tapper that hovers in the air buzzing like a bad-tempered mosquito before exploding in a frenzied tantrum. Bruiser shuffles along like a particularly snotty Punk track before Throne Of God chaotically goes for the epic touch, riffs crashing around you like furious waves. Inflict The Venom goes all Drone on your ass, whilst album finale Wicked Father grooves like it’s being played on the radio. It is a bit of a single-minded listen, when all is said and done; the moshpit rage would be even better tempered with more mellow parts, but for what it is En Raga Sül rocks pretty hard, and Sludge fans that enjoy it Punk-style will love this.

Killing Songs :
Transform, Bruiser, Throne Of God, Snakebite, Wicked Father
Goat quoted 72 / 100
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