Lion's Share - Entrance
Massacre Records
Hard Rock
11 songs (46'10)
Release year: 2001
Lion's Share, Massacre Records
Reviewed by Chris

Well, the first thing that stroke me was the artcover. First of all, what's with the cliché here ? A Skull on a metal CD artcover, that's an original one, remind me to tell that joke to my friends will ya ? And don't get me started on the band's logo (yes that's a logo). Really, it doesn't give the listener the envy to pick up your disk on the shelves, so what's the point ? Honestly it's stupid because it's sometimes mistakes like this one that makes a big difference. Plus the skull doesn't really represents the band's music (makes you wait for something far more powerful that what's on the CD)... Anyway, I didn't stop to the artcover but I'm sure some people will.

The album starts with quite medium songs, nothing bad about them, but nothing thrilling too. The best thing so far would be the vocals. So slowly as the CD plays it gets a better (or I simply get used to it :)). Now, the more it gets to the end, the more the songs gets interesting, one might want to explain to the guy who decided the order of the songs that if he wants to sell records, he'd better do the other way around.

There's some very nice songs like Lost, Mystery, Believe which contains quite good choruses reminding Talisman. There are some progressive moments then and there, adding a little bit of mystery in some of the songs, and maybe some originality also, but most of the time the songs are pretty much predictable.

It's not a bad release, but unless you're a die hard fan of the band or want to own every release in the genre : I suggest you invest your money in something else. I think this band can do much better than this, they have a good sound, a good singer and might just need a spark of inspiration and originality to lift off the ground.

Killing Songs :
Lost, Mystery & Believe.
Chris quoted 62 / 100
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