El Caco - Viva
Music For Nations
Heavy Hard Rock
12 songs (39'30)
Release year: 2001
Music For Nations
Reviewed by Danny
Surprise of the month

Following the cover art and the name of the band, I thought these guys were Mexicans ! Not al all, these musicians comes from Norwegian and this Viva is their debut album. What a debut my friends !!! Riding the open freeway on a Harley, with the sun burning your neck and riding like the wind is an experience. One listen of this Viva will give you this feeling !!!

This Viva is a culmination of three very talented individuals, each with a very electric taste in music. Recently interviewed by metalreviews.com, they told us that their influence comes from U2, The Cure, Kiss and the 80's in general. But their sound reminds so much Tool, Monster Magnet and is definitely oriented in the future ... not in the past.

The vocalist is a monster (what a voice !!!) and this music is full of inspirations (if you like Kiss and you wanted to here something fresh, don't miss this album for nothing, as it looks like a crazy Kiss's Revenge). Self-produced and recorded during October / November 2000 at Athletic Sound Studios in Halden, Norway, El Caco's Viva it set to become you best friend for this summer. Buy why the hell is this CD so short.

Sometimes reminding me Cathedral, sometimes reminding me Metallica, sometimes reminding me Tool, these guys are really excellent and have "almost" created their sound with this first shoot. Could they dream a better start ? I don't think so.

Kiss, stoner, hard rock and heavy stuff fans should not miss this one for nothing. For a surprise ...

Killing Songs :
SUFFER !!!!!!! ... and the rest
Danny quoted 92 / 100
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