Darkane - Insanity
Nuclear Blast
Futuristic Thrash/Death Metal
12 songs (49'00)
Release year: 2001
Darkane, Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Danny

Who could imagine that At The Gates, In Flames or Arch Enemy would have open the door to a new metal dimension. Very few of us actually. Why ? Because when the scene was blocked toward a trend (neo-metal), the boom of the pioneers of the melodic death metal never really come at that time ... but is talking place nowadays. At that time At The Gates were considered as underground and today In Flames is enormous. The formula of death vocals overlays on a traditional yet modern melodic song writing is now very common.

Following the trails left by its predecessors in the genre and adding enough of their own personality, Darkane releases its second attack (first one under Nuclear Blast). Insanity, which seems to have a tremendous support from the label, is a pure blasting metal attack. In fact, Darkane send us ten years in the future. Soilwork, In Flames or At The Gates will taste very old once you will have listen to this aggressive cyber-thrash. Rusted Angel was bombastic, this one is atomic.

Technically reminding me Death and the quality of the break & compositions reminds me Carcass. Overall, this is a direct Fist that will let you knock-out. Vocals are the same as before (Rusted Angel, 1998) but the tempo is even faster (how that !). The label call this music Futuristic Progressive Thrash Death Metal. Let's say shortly that Darkane plays Neo-Thrash metal never heard before.

Overall, Darkane's Insanity is another aggression of modern death/trash acts like Death or Carcass, playing differently with their guitar and having a deeper sound, giving their music a cybernetic aspect. Sometime their songs are too structured, too technical but it is needed in this genre. Digesting the whole CD is not that easy as many plays have been necessary to fully appreciate Insanity.

The kind of record that changes the history of metal ... like At The Gates did once. The kind of record you like or hate. Is this Insanity arriving too early ? May be .... but the choice is yours !!!

Killing Songs :
Third, Psychic Pain
Danny quoted 80 / 100
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