Root - Zjevení
I Hate Records
Experimental Black/Thrash Metal
16 songs (53:00)
Release year: 2009
Root, I Hate Records
Reviewed by Goat

After my discovery of the awesomeness that is the Czech Satanists Root last year, I’ve been hoping and praying that I Hate would produce more re-releases of the band’s work, and guess what? Either there is a god, or Satan’s a hell of a lot more powerful than we realised, as I have two more of the band’s albums to sum up for all you good people! This is the first, the band’s 1990 debut, and it’s full of the weirdness that this band incorporate into their sound so well. From the spoken word intro to the riffing and Rock beats of the first track proper Zjevení, Root seize you by the neck, and vocalist Big Boss is as stunning as ever. Here, he sounds like a wounded bear, his throaty growl fitting the music perfectly. And what music! Zjevení starts out almost like a primitive Voivod, Big Boss’ voice declaiming over plucking that becomes deceptively simplistic riffing, but it soon piles on the prog-touched complex melody, and if you’re anything like me you’ll be looking for something to punch when the track suddenly finishes.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of brilliance to uncover. The Doom-touched Aralyon features some sort of vocal effect on Big Boss, and whilst at first I wondered at the point (the guy is amazingly skilled and needs nothing of the sort) it works wonderfully once the guitars start playing an incredible psychedelic melody. Again, it’s all over far too soon, and things take a turn towards the Black on following track Výslech, full of strange sounds and over in just over a minute. Upálení has a wonderfully theatrical spoken opening, and again is slow and Doomy, before going into a manic speedy Thrash section – the guitarists are fantastic players, knowing exactly what riff goes where in the best way possible. Really, whether it’s the Thrashy 666 or the acoustic opening to 7 černých jezdců with the sudden switches to heavy riffage, the tribal thrash of Démon (take that, Sepultura!) or the tech-Thrash of Znamení (complete with some amazing singing from Big Boss) this band does it all and does it well.

What I love about this band apart from, y’know, the clear musical skill, the vocal talents of its frontman and the fact that every album they’ve released is different, is the sheer hypnotic quality of their music. Whichever album you’re listening to, you’re pretty much guaranteed a deep, meaningful listen that will have you cursing when it’s finished. As a debut, Zjevení is undoubtedly brilliant. The six-minute Cesta zkázy alone is worth buying the album for, as all over the place as it is there’s still a hefty epic section which made my mind turn lovingly to the brilliance of The Book. Alas, Zjevení isn’t quite as good, but it still is an excellent piece of the Root puzzle, and is absolutely vital for fans.

Killing Songs :
Zjevení, Aralyon, 7 černých jezdců, Cesta zkázy
Goat quoted 86 / 100
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