Seven Wishes - Utopia
Z Records
Hard Rock
11 songs (45'07)
Release year: 2001
Seven Wishes, Z Records
Reviewed by Chris

Yet another band into 80's style Hard-Rock. Not that I complain or anything since I love the style, but the scene is crowded nowadays and it's very difficult to make a name for yourself in this category I think. The first thing to notice here is the production which is pretty medium, not bad, but weaker than nowadays production level.

Otherwise the music is cool, nice riffs and melodic guitar solos with a nice singer. Melodies are simple and catchy just the way they should be. The band reminds me mixture of Icon and Danger Danger. There are some good songs like Out Of Sight or Too Late For Tears. Unfortunately the album also contains some medium/weaker songs. In the end, they don't really play an original metal and that's one of the many things standing in there way, like the previously mentioned weak production and the awful artcover that doesn't make you wanna try the album out at the CD store. But it's never easy to make first albums (this one is their second) and I guess not everyone have the budget to buy an Andreas Marshall and/or recording sessions at Finnvox.

In the end they deliver some nice catchy songs with standard 80's Hard-Rock hooks. If you're a fan of that style and don't mind a weaker production that what you usually are used to, then give them a try, they have some cool songs. A band that unveils a good potential. I'm sure they can do much better if someone gives them the means to... and I hope someone will cause I kinda like these guys (and girl :), okay okay I admit the girl drummer is very cute..). Before I forget, they have a nice website ( on which you can try all the songs, check it out !

Killing Songs :
Out Of Sight, Too Late For Tears, Restless Heart & Face That Evil.
Chris quoted 64 / 100
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