Tool - Lateralus
Very Good Question !!!
13 songs (79'00 !!!)
Release year: 2001
Tool, EMI
Reviewed by Danny
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Where the hell am I going to start ?

I don't know how to describe this music. Ok, I could say to you that Tool sounds like Tool but something tell me it won't help you. Actually, I am a bit hindered because this is one of the best release of this year, with Rammstein, and I need to find the right words to transmit you the envy to get out and check this Lateralus. Normally this should be enough to wake up some interests from you to check this unbelivable record, but we are not in front of a normal album here !!!

I could bet a fortune these guys are coming from another planet. Their music is so dense, so magical and so strange at the same time that only a full play will give you the right words to described what I call today a masterpiece in the history of music. Take the best of Dream Theater in terms of progressive elements, take the best of Therion in terms of music structure , take the best of Pink Floyd, Metallica & X-Japan in term of madness and take the best of Rammstein & Opeth in terms of song-writing and may be you start to have a very little small idea of what these guys are playing.

Do not expect a heavy metal attack, a progressive caress, a neo-metal dance, a death metal shout or a romantic album. This is all in one. No definitely, I won't be able to described you this music ... which haunt me since one week. I agree in advance that this is the type of record you love or you hate. But if you can enter in Tool's world, beware that ... you will be trapped inside forever.

A must ? No !!! A new page in the history of music. Simple as that ! Now the only question I ask YOU : are we still talking of metal ???

Killing Songs :
The whole crazy CD !!!
Danny quoted 96 / 100
Jay quoted 100 / 100
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