Subaudition - Light On The Path
Auerbach Tonträger
Atmospheric Rock
7 songs (41:20)
Release year: 2009
Auerbach Tonträger
Reviewed by Goat

Taking a time out from the riffage is something that we all do from time to time - mixing up the playlist always makes me appreciate the various genres more rather than less, and it's fair to say that I wouldn't enjoy the music I listen to half as much if I didn't give it time to work its magic on me rather than forcing it out by becoming too familiar with it too soon. So it's nice to get the chance to review the new album from eerie-emotionalists Subaudition, a Finnish duo that make the sort of pleasant, near-ambient Rock that the likes of Sigur Rós have made famous. They're far from similar to the otherworldly Icelanders, however, relying more on acoustic guitar and less on cinematic landscaping, although there is a similar gentleness to their music.

Really, there's not a great deal more that can be said about Light On The Path. The songs sound samey (in a good way) the pace is slow, a little more Folkiness and it would be something more akin to Neun Welten. Instruments like the violin do pop up here and there, and their effect is suitably melancholic and reflective, gentle vocals sliding across your skin casually. Almost ambient, but not quite, Light On The Path is music for a quiet rainy day, when you need a break from the brutal riffs and blastbeats of daily life and just want something quiet and pleasant to experience. Picking favourite tracks is like pointing to different stages of mood - it just is, and Subaudition are sure to please anyone looking for something like this.

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Album as a whole
Goat quoted 75 / 100
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