Age Of Evil - Get Dead
Self released
Heavy / Thrash Metal
6 songs (25'27)
Release year: 2009
Age Of Evil
Reviewed by Marty
Friends since they were between 3 and 5 years old, the Goldberg brothers Jeremy (vocals/guitar) and Jacob (bass) as well as the Ziff brothers Jordan (guitar) and Garrett (drums) shared a love for music at a very early age. Learning to play their instruments together, all four shared the dream of forming a rock band someday. The members of Age Of Evil currently range in age from 18 to 20 years old. Scottsdale Arizona is home base for this band and what began as a band playing cover tunes eventually morphed into a punk band and then to its rightful place as a metal band. With more than a passing nod to metal giants like Judas Priest, Megadeth, Anthrax and Pantera, Age Of Evil plays a solid mix of traditional metal with the aggressiveness of classic thrash metal. Living A Sick Dream (2007) was the band's first EP and now we see another EP entitled Get Dead. This new release includes 2 brand new songs, a couple of cover tunes as well as 2 live versions of songs originally found on Living A Sick Dream.

The 2 brand new tracks Cruel Intentions and Get Dead combine the best elements of classic thrash metal with a very modern and slick production. Shredding lead guitar work and solid lead harmony work are ever present with this band's sound with Jeremy Goldberg using a very '80's singing style. Big "meaty" riffs are a staple of this band's sound and they have no problem recreating the huge and heavy sound in a live situation as heard with the 2 live tracks Eye For An Eye and Glimpse Of Light. Both of these tracks feature galloping riffs as well as speedier Anthrax style thrash metal. Covers of Judas Priest's Electric Eye and Skid Row's Slave To The Grind confirm that this bands knows it's roots very well and despite their very young age, are well aware of the legacy of heavy metal.

Despite having a big thick and very solid sound, Age Of Evil could draw a little more from their influences as far as how to write quality songs that have a distinct character. A few more melodic hooks or catchiness would go a long way for this band. Jeremy Goldberg has a very average voice and one that is a dime-a-dozen these days. He needs more character and charisma with his singing and really doesn't do justice to either Electric Eye or Slave To The Grind. I've heard much better versions of Electric Eye than the one here (Helloween anyone?). On the positive side, these guys appear to eat, sleep, breath and shit heavy metal. With the sort of enthusiasm they have, it's bound to pay big dividends someday. They only have to hope that there will still be an audience for this type of metal when they finally hit their stride.

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Killing Songs :
Get Dead
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