Aborted - Coronary Reconstruction EP
Century Media
Brutal Death Metal
5 songs (22:30)
Release year: 2010
Aborted, Century Media
Reviewed by Goat

Despite Strychnine.213 having more than its fair share of filler, it's hard to deny that generally Belgian pro-life campaign squad Aborted are a solid band. Even the diversifying duo of The Archaic Abattoir and Slaughter & Apparatus are great albums, for their faults, and so the news that band mainman Sven "Svencho" de Caluwé was taking the band back to their Goremageddon days on the new EP was an opportunity too good to pass up. Aside from Svencho and former blaster Dirk Verbeuren back on the drumstool, the rest of the line-up is all-new; guitarists Eran Segal (formerly of Whorecore) and Ken Sorceron (Abigail Williams) with bassist Cole Martinez (System Divide) and after a fair few listens to Coronary Reconstruction I can't say whether the new album will be up to the standards set by the band's surprisingly underrated earlier works. On the basis of these songs, however, it'll be pretty kickass and more than worth listening to.

Kicking off with the sample-strewn title track, the band soon blast into life, a speedy and aggressive assault on the senses bringing the listener to neck-damaging wonder as the band walk that fine line between catchiness and brutality. All the new members seem more than capable, cranking out the riffs to recreate that Aborted style we all know, and whilst the songs aren't the catchiest that the band have ever managed, they're certainly worth hearing. From A Tepid Whiff especially is an intense bit of bludgeoning, with a superb bit of catchy groove, although the toilet-humour finale was a personal turnoff. Fortunately, the band don't dwell on that, being even heavier on Grime and what is probably the best track present, A Cadaverous Dissertation.

The closing cover of Entombed's Left Hand Path sounds interesting on paper, but Aborted have done very little with it, and it's more or less a carbon copy of the original track - sure to go down a storm live, but on an EP little more than a curio. Really, is there any real Death Metalhead reading that doesn't know the song by heart? It's a classic, and Aborted have paid homage to it, good for them. Ultimately, Coronary Reconstruction is a bit of a stop-gap release whilst we wait for the new album, but it's a quality one, and sure to impress fans. Here's hoping...

Killing Songs :
Coronary Reconstruction, From A Tepid Whiff, Grime, A Cadaverous Dissertation
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