Kick - Sweet Lick Of Fire
Noise Records
Melodic Hard Rock
11 songs (47'54)
Release year: 2001
Noise Records
Reviewed by Chris
Surprise of the month

A band that plays melodic Hard-Rock in it's best tradition, being maybe a bit too commercial from time to time but they really rock. The albums starts very well, with 6 killers songs in a raw : Kaleidoscopic Eyes, Inhibition, Sweet Lick Of Fire, Time, Born Again and Behind Close Doors. They all 6 have great hooks and catchy melodies. I particularly like the rhythm guitars and the excellent vocal performance of Kick's singer Nick Workman. Although the songs are a bit less interesting in the end of the album, they still rock and the 6 first track alone are worth buying the album. Funny thing, if you don't know the band and listen to the ballad Time you'll swear that it's the last killer hit from Bon Jovi (vocals as well).

Using a lot of effects, both on vocals and on guitars (like 70's like WA-WA, or Bon Jovi-like heavy distortions), the band achieve a very successful balance of melodic Hard-Rock with quite different songs and ambiance during their album. A lot of keys are also used, sometimes very smart, sometimes a bit too commercial like on the album entitled song : Sweet Lick Of Fire which I have no doubt was written with a radio broadcast in mind. Despite it's lack of originality (we're not far from Bon Jovi copycat here) Sweet Lick Of Fire is really an enjoyable released, passion packed, rhythmed charged ride.

The production is crystal clear and the sound is quite powerful. The overall reminding me a lot the kind of production you found on Bon Jovi's album, and I don't think it's a coincidence ;).

An album for all fans of Bon Jovi or simply melodic Hard-Rock with great vocals. Be sure to check it out, this one will without any doubt please you in the best of ways !

Killing Songs :
Kaleidoscopic Eyes, Inhibition, Sweet Lick Of Fire, Time, Born Again, Behind Close Doors and Painless.
Chris quoted 84 / 100
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