Joey Tafolla - Plastic
Mascot Records
Instrumental Guitar Hero
12 songs (52'22)
Release year: 2001
Mascot Records
Reviewed by Chris

Yet another guitar hero instrumental release. I'm very very regarding instrumental tracks as the music has to be really excellent for me to listen to it when it doesn't contain a singer.

The first track Audio Exotica is a killer, it's fast, melodic, technical, shred, whatever... but it manages to keep an overall melodic atmosphere and that's the most important thing. It's nice to play as fast as Satriani or Malmsteen, but you need to stay melodic (at least to my tastes). An area where people like Satriani or Rondat (to mention only my favorites) have succeed and where Yngwie and other Vai have failed, loosing themselves to get over-technical and in the same time removing the soul of their music as they get faster and faster. Unfortunately the album is not set to ring on the same bells than it's first track, the style of the music changes almost at each track, delivering yet a nice melpot of guitar abilities but losing identity in the end. Technically there's nothing to say, Joey can play guitar all the way and although is mix of Jazzy elements then and there are far from being to my taste, but he demonstrates that he can write fast and technical stuff. Now soundwise, the production is simply perfect.

I believe the guy could make a much much more interesting album if he deliver a more melodic metal oriented guitar album (and not melpot all-styles mixed one). But well, there are tastes for everyone out there, and this album is far from being the worst one I've heard but still it contains some indifferent or even boring (very sometimes) moments and also have some uninvited additional instruments (saxo, trombone,...). Better check-it before you buy. But if you're looking into original. technical and melodic guitar hero then give it a try.

Killing Songs :
Audio Exotica and then some great moments then and there.
Chris quoted 70 / 100
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