Steellord - Headbanger Force
Megahard Records
Insult to True Metal
10 songs (40'35)
Release year: 2000
Reviewed by Chris
Crap of the month

Well, it's been such a long time since I've heard such a bad album. I believe that Steellord have placed the bet much higher that what they can really do. Full of clichés, stolen melodies and solos, the album is a catastrophic example of pure copycat. The awful (and I'm more than nice) artcover is probably the best thing out of this so-called album, and maybe also the production that is pretty good compared to the level of musicianship (almost inexistent) on that release.

The guitar riffs easy as possible, and you've heard them 2000 times at least. The singer is THE huge problem of the band, let's get one thing clear : he simply can't sing, he's always out of tune, tries to imitate Grave Digger (Chris Boltendahl) but the only thing he's digging is his career's grave as a singer as far as I'm concerned. One cliché after another, most of them inspired (or badly copycat) from Manowar. The band is definitely crawling for an identity and a sound of their own, but I don't think they can deliver just that. The lyrics are amongst the worst I've read and heard (but you have to read them to understand a goddamn thing), although they might appear comic if you're in the mood. The overall is an insult to every Heavy Metal fan and I can't believe I bought the damn thing (thanks to the guy who've put a 9.5 / 10 on his review... very inspiring ! The review must have been made a 1st of April or something). Some guitar moments or some good drumming then and there, but immediately erased by mistakes in all areas (wrong note, out of tune, out of tempo,.... etc. !), and I don't understand how you can sign a band like that... anyway. The mega crap of the year so far !

I realize I'm very hard on the quote, but I think it's deserved, it sounds so insulting to the releases it's copied from... I mean it's a direct insult to great bands that Manowar and Grave Digger are, one that I'm not willing to let unpunished ! Probably the worst True Metal release ever, I think that Steellord can't play music even when trying to copy (without success) what exists, which makes me wonder what they would sound like if they actually tried to do something themselves. Avoid at all costs !!!

Killing Songs :
When the singer doesn't sing, when the guitar doesn't play a wrong note and when the drummer is in the tempo... but I think it gets better when I just press the stop button.
Chris quoted 5 / 100
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