Brujeria - Brujerizmo
Roadrunner Records
Death Metal
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Release year: 2000
Roadrunner Records
Reviewed by Tony
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I recently wrote a paper for an ex roommate for his criminal justice class because I bet the Cavaliers against the Celtics during the last NBA post season. I won't ever have to bet against LeBron again because my Heat are going to run over everyone!!!

I digress, this has been a huge summer for Miami sports and the game of rugby which I hold so dear so I'm a bit excited with sports... The paper was about racial profiling in relations to airport frisking after 9/11 and of course the highly controversial Arizona SB 1070, which cracks down on illegal immigrants. This made me think of Latin American bands, specifically leading me to reviewing one of the heaviest bands south of the border, the violent and resentful Brujeria !!! Meaning witchcraft in their native Spanish, Brujeria release here Brujerizmo their most refined and well composed album. This album translated means witchery. I guess I don't need to translate every last song.

All the lyrics and song titles are in Spanish which you could have already guessed. The lyrics are sung in a non flowing, attacking manner that barely adheres to the timing of the band. Juan Brujo's lyrics are given forth in a manner that sounds like you're being repeatedly insulted by an extremely pissed off Latino man and less like a more brutal but easier flowing language like Norwegian, English, or even German. For some odd reason when I listen to Brujeria I always think about the dark side of Mexico, rampant with cartel murders and proficient drug trade. With deeply political lyrics, and songs written about murder and meth, I'm bound to think of the nastier side of Mexican peso.

The album opens with the title track starting with about 35 seconds of a young girl singing to some elevator music. Suddenly, the heaviest guitar tone in all of Mexico sears through and assaults your ears with a wall of aural warfare. The title track is a mid paced track and is one of the true highlights of the album in what will probably have 3+ killing songs once I deduce which ones deserve the honors. Most of the tracks on Brujerizmo are mid paced and well mixed, making the lyrics clear for any of us who are bilingual. The next song is a faster and more mosh worthy than it is good for headbanging yet still this track kills in every way. It's called Vayan Sin Miedo . This song is my favorite. It contains the best combination of heaviness and speed. The guitar tone is razor sharp and deep, and I'd say that the vocals are the finest on this song.

Now you're assuming most likely that this album tails off and by my expression of delight for the first 2 tracks it would get progressively worse but it doesn't. The music is good throughout, even though the first 2 tracks are my clear favorite.

Most of the songs are about political issues that would clearly effect the members of Brujeria like drugs, crime, murder, and of course, dirty politics. You won't find any lyrics about sunny Acapulco, or the popular spring break destination of Cancun. No, this isn't a travel brochure. This is Brujeria!!! The no nonsense, no melody, fist to the face headbangers that make up one of the most popular and heaviest metal acts ever to grace the nation of Mexico.

Killing Songs :
Brujerizmo, Vayan Sin Miedo, Pititis, Te Invoco, Anti-Castro
Tony quoted 83 / 100
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