Kreator - Violent Revolution
Heavy / Thrash
11 songs (56'45)
Release year: 2001
Kreator, SPV
Reviewed by Paul

There must be two kinds of Kreator fans: those from the 80's who were used to killing thrash (which I belong to) and those from the 90's who were used to more technical and much slower stuff. Well if you are a fan from both periods you will like the Kreator anno 2001. It is a combination of old thrash and heavy mid-tempoes with a good production. Yes the production is far away from those of the old albums and teutonic rough sounds like Sodom, Destruction or the other bands from the 80's. The production sounds more like something scandinavian, like Swedish which makes Kreator sound a little softer.

So what do we have here when we see the cover: almost the same one as Coma of Souls but the "kreature" (lol) has a brain. Coma of Souls was a good album and so is Violent Revolution: a Coma of Souls with a brain. It is melodic with a lot of know-how and therough voice from the earlier albums. Mille Petrozza describes Violent Revolution as "... back to the roots, with today's experience. A kind of new version of Kreator with the insights of the past years, from Pleasure to Kill and Extreme Agression to Coma Of Souls, Outcast, and Endorama".

The first song is called Reconquering The Throne and that is what the whole album is about. But hey it is neither violent or a revolution. An evolution maybe yes but that's it. I will better give an eye to Sodom or Destruction's next cds. They will be less melody but at least more real kickin'ass Thrash Metal and energy.

Killing Songs :
Paul quoted 71 / 100
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