Hrossharsgrani - ...Of Battles, Ravens And Fire
CCP Records
Symphonic Metal Joke
7 songs (21'30)
Release year: 2001
CCP Records
Reviewed by Danny
Crap of the month

Whoaoaoaoaowww !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have 21'30 to loose in your life, don't miss this one. Imagine a film (soundtrack with swords and wind) filling the first 5 tracks and all of a sudden, track 6 wakening you up with a fast and thrashy beating song ended by swords (again and again) without forgetting the horses ... running horses of course ;-).

A film about Tolkien ... without the image. Let me laugh.

And all this end with a charming female vocals telling you "The Story Is Over" (well that's a bit more complicated, but this is what she more or less said). As said above, if you have 21'30 to loose .... and some money to throw out of the window, this ONE is for you.

Next please !!!!!

Ah before I forgot, if you can pronounced the band's name (Hrossharsgrani), you win ...... my consideration ;-))

Killing Songs :
Give me a break !
Danny quoted 10 / 100
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