Dog Face - Unleashed
MTM Music
Hard Rock
11 songs (46'50)
Release year: 2001
MTM Music
Reviewed by Danny

I think these guys are coming from Sweden (yeah again ;-). The cover-art makes you think this is a punk record and in fact this is a wonderfull hard 'n' heavy album. Who said wrong cover art ???

The first thing that impressed me here is Mats Leven (Dog Face's vocalist) who reminds me Jeff Scott Soto (Ex-Axel Rudi Pell, Ex-Talisman, Humanimal). Just listen to the first track, Right Between Your Lies, as you won't believe it. Actually he sings perfectly well and this is the kind of comparison anyone should be proud of.

Dog Face's music is also very inspired by Talisman, but Dog Face is much heavier with their "hard 'n' heavy" guitars, if not very speedy (Set Me Free). Very melodic, hard rock to the bones, these guys coming from nowhere (again !) have released an excellent record (I think this is their first shoot).

Unleashed is full of catchy songs and if you are into stuff like Bonfire, Shakra, Talisman you better check this one. On the other hand, songs like Suicide or Don't reminds me also Aerosmith or Whitesnake. Song-writing follows the typical "verse-bridge-chorus" path and even though there is a lack of orchestration, this is the kind of record you eat in summer time ... 'cause Unleashed is cool & dry.

If you like hard rock stuff and if I were you, I'd rather check this band.

Killing Songs :
Don't, Set Me Free, Right Between Your Lies
Danny quoted 79 / 100
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