Autopsy - The Tomb Within
Peaceville Records
Death Metal
5 songs (20:01)
Release year: 2010
Autopsy, Peaceville Records
Reviewed by Charles
Autopsy are back! And sounding…. not better than ever…. largely the same as ever, it is fair to say. If anything, as the opening title tune powers in, it perhaps feels a little bit more pumped up than the band sounded the first few times around: Autopsy operating at their upper tempo range and rocketing punkishly through the same gnarly tree-trunk riffing. As can perhaps be expected, it immediately presents itself as tighter and more focused than the last Abscess album. Less fun, more death metal.

Some of the material on this short EP (five songs over only twenty minutes) is marvellous. My Corpse Shall Rise is really pounding, with the kind of meatily contorted riffing that could churn concrete into butter. Exuberant drumming, and a raucously obnoxious guitar solo give this an anarchic edge.

If one thing is missing, it’s that I’d like to hear a few more slow rock riffs. As with rats in a modern city you are never really more than six feet away from a slow tempo in an Autopsy song, but they feel a little peripheral here, like breathers in between faster death metal assaults. There isn’t much to really evoke the doomy swing of, for example, In the Grip of Winter or Slaughter Day from their classic Mental Funeral. That is, until the closing tune, Mutant Village. By virtue of its change of pace, this is maybe the best song here. Featuring a sluggishly slow, tolling funeral riff, it has a mean and sullen atmosphere that pours cold water on the crackling energy of the preceding four songs.

So something for fans of the band to eat up happily, then. Welcome back.

Killing Songs :
Mutant Village, My Corpse Shall Rise
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