Judas Priest - Point Of Entry (The Remasters)
Progressive Hard'n'Heavy
12 songs (48'05)
Release year: 2001
Judas Priest
Reviewed by Paul

Back to 1981, after a big success with British Steel, the Priest comes back with an album that sounds a bit softer and kind of progressive. The sunny days and climate of Ibiza must have been for something during the recording of Point Of Entry. Judas Priest went on tour with Def Leppard (at least in Europe) and tried also to conquer the American market but they've had to wait 'til the next album to know a real coming out in the USA. At least they got inspired by their American tour when opening for Kiss in 1979 and put extra effort into the visual side of their shows.

This album reached the number 14 spot on the UK charts and number 45 in the USA. Although the album is considered as a commercial disappointment, it is considered as their most mature album to date says the book Metal Mania in 1984. The band releases two videos produced again by Julian Temple (see the British Steel review) Hot Rockin' and Don't Go. Both covers, European an American, were causes of disappointment. They didn't help a lot for the visual aspect in matter of sale.

Anyway this album contains classic tracks like Heading Out To The Highway, Desert Plains and Troubleshooter. Some tracks like Don't Go, Turning Circles, Desert Plains, Solar Angels or You Say Yes are more in the progressive way full of technical and atmospheric stuff.. Especially the intros and some breaks on the Point Of Entry give a special touch to this album. Thunder Road the bonus track is taken from the Turbo session recorded in 1987 and is for sure a good one too...

It is for sure a good album a little softer than we were used from Judas Priest, but with a lot of classics anyway. The brand new production after the remastering will maybe change the way of perception of some of you. Anyway with a stand back and after 20 years it is a great album. Yours to choose. Give it a chance and try it.

Killing Songs :
Heading Out To The Highway, Hot Rockin', Don't Go, Turning Circles, Desert Plains, Solar Angels, You Say Yes, Troubleshooter, Thunder Road
Paul quoted 100 / 100
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