Stuck Mojo - Violate This
Century Media
Rap Metal
18 songs (77'00)
Release year: 2001
Century Media
Reviewed by Danny

Rap cannot be merged with metal, don't you think so ?

Well ... it looks actually that almost everything can be merged together (at least when it comes to music). Stuck Mojo is among the first to have open this path. Even though I have never been into this metal style, I have to admit that last Stuck Mojo's record, Declaration Of A Headhunter, impressed me a little bit.

Violate This, 10 years of rarities (1991-2001) starts with two killers .... two fucking great songs : Ten Years & Revolution but what follows after is far to be as impressive as the beginning. The cover from Iron Maiden (Wrathchild) is a complete disaster and the one taken from Motley Crüe is an insult to the original one : how can anybody destroy this beautiful song, Shout At The Devil.

I guess you have to be into this metal style to fully appreciate this "new" Stuck Mojo. Where Declaration Of A Headhunter was a quite surprise, this Violate This is "filled" with new and old songs, alternate versions, strange covers and overall the vocals are out of time, out of place !!!

I hope for them they will correct that on their next release, because this one is a small disapointment.

Killing Songs :
First two songs
Danny quoted 50 / 100
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