Seventh Omen - Polarized
Septagram Records
Technical Heavy Metal
13 songs (60'30)
Release year: 1999
Reviewed by Danny

The first band that comes to my mind was Queensryche. This is due to the heavy and technical atmosphere coming out of Polarized. Dream Theater (breaks and prog elements) and Metallica (power & riffs) are two others US bands which have influenced for sure Seventh Omen . I could also mentioned Nevermore and Iced Earth when the tempo goes faster, but I guess you got the picture.

The band is made up of Chicago-area musicians and even though these guys start to kick some ass with their alternative metal, we have to admit that here in Europe, Seventh Omen is considered as a starter. After their welcomed Majestic CD, here comes their brand new work : Polarized.

The production is good, but could have been much better guys. I know it is always a question of money (bloody money !!!), but guys next time invest more in the production, because your songs deserve a better sound. The vocalist is good and with the experience Seventh Omen is having year after year, Clay Yoksas (vocalist) has all it takes too become a big name.

If your are a fan of Queensryche, Metallica, Dream Theater and you think Nevermore is too "thrashy" and too fast for you, Seventh Omen might be what you are looking for. Of course, these American musicians have invented nothing, but inside this Polarized you can almost feel they have talent, you can feel these guys will be at the top very shortly .... which is not always the case when it comes to technical heavy metal. A new heavy metal star ... to be confirmed !!!

Congratulations anyway. For more info, check

Killing Songs :
Vultures At The Window, Fear Feeds, Polarized
Danny quoted 75 / 100
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