Papa Roach - Infest
Dreamworks Records
Neo Metal
11 songs (46'00)
Release year: 2001
Reviewed by Danny

Where Stuck Mojo goes to far with rap lyrics, Papa Roach combines heavy, neo and rap like no one else and opens again new grounds for the metal.

From Metallica killing riffs to typical RATM lyrics, Papa Roach is heavy, groovy. After Backyard Babies, here comes Infest, here comes another metal CD ... for open mind metalers. Last Resort (2nd song) is an excellent song considering the main riff comes straight from .... Iron Maiden (I let you discover).

Innovative, heavy, neo-metal and some "rap" lyrics are the words to described Papa Roach's music. Of course, true metalers, thrash, death, black or heavy metal fans can pass their ways ... but if you are fed up of your discography and wants to try something new, something that sound like metal and, in the mean time, sounds like nothing else, I urge you my dear readers to jump on that one.

At the end, Infest, which has been a top 5 album in the US is groovy, aggressive, full of power, full of new ideas and somehow a pioneer. As usual, many metal fans will say this band is going too far and doesn't belong to our family. Yeah may be ? Like Metallica, Nirvana, Machine Head or Death were at the very beginning ? Now everybody speaks of them .... naturally.

Killing Songs :
The whole cd is really cool
Danny quoted 80 / 100
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