Dark Order - 5000 Years Of Violence
Slayer Copycat
9 songs (55'50)
Release year: 2001
Reviewed by Danny

Dark Order comes from Sydney (from Australia in case of ...). From the land of AC/DC and Mad Max ... or should I say Mel Gibson. Dark Order is "said" to play a mixture of thrash/black/death metal in a brand new matter, never heard before.

Dark Order and their vocalist, who has decided to yell different type of vocals, are not very innovative. This type of music belongs to the black/thrash underground scene since a long time now, but I have to admit their music is well executed. I would have preferred a less "hardcore vocalist", but of course this is just my taste.

If only the lyrics were intelligent and if only third song was not an insult to the rest of humanity .... Based on the lyrics, the childish CD we have ever received !!! Now Dark Order, stop telling me you have invented the new music mixing thrash / black / death, because not only you are lying to us, you are "a big pathetic crap" thinking you have invented something new.

Slayer has written this a thousand time before, a thousand time better, my poor little childish Dark Order .... Slayer is releasing yet a new CD called God Hate Us All (to be reviewed very shortly) and I think Dark Order need to grow up and leave the school as soon as possible. I am taking of course of ...... the nursery.

Since this CD was recorded in 1998, a few line-up changes were made in the band (hopefully the child who wrote the lyrics). If the new one comes as this one, don't spend your money sending us a CD that we will immediately throw out of the window this time. Thanks in advance !!!

Killing Songs :
Not that bad actually. I just wanted to show how you can hurt somedoby when you press the "heart button"....
Danny quoted 15 / 100
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