At The Gates - Suicidal Final Art
Peaceville Records
Death Metal (Best Of)
15 songs (58'50)
Release year: 2001
Peaceville Records
Reviewed by Danny

In a time where In Flames, Dark Tranquility and Children Of Bodom are new death metal heroes who have opened new gates, I think it is important to specify who has inspired them first : At The Gates.

This band has somehow changed the face of the death metal. Early in the 90's, when death was more or less a Florida story, some Swedish bands decide to gave a new sound to this style, to create a kind of bridge between the traditional death metal and the thrash metal called today as melodic death metal.

Suicidal Final Art is the testimony of a band that should have never split. At The Gates has inspired so many Scandinavian bands, has changed so much the history of metal. If you are a death metal fan (In Flames, Dark Tranquility...) and you still don't know this band, something is wrong here ... something is totally wrong here and you must jump as soon as possible on At The Gates' discography, especially Slaughter Of The Soul !!!

This ones comes as no surprise. A Best Of full of their best jewels, demos and two video tracks. At The Gates was beyond the gates, beyond fashion ... and somehow beyond time. They came too early and they are already gone. Who said "Only the good die young" ?

On the other hand Anders & Jonas rules now with The Haunted. Yes guys, after At The Gates, The Haunted rules .... and this is definitely not a coincidence.

Killing Songs :
Blinded By Fear, Slaughter Of The Soul
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