Cannibal Corpse - Bloodthirst
Metal Blade
Death Metal
11 songs (34:34)
Release year: 1999
Cannibal Corpse, Metal Blade
Reviewed by Tony
Archive review

Much like my Deicide review this week, Cannibal Corpse bear a similar variety. While still formulaic in their feel, during the Corpsegrinder era (post The Bleeding ) there have definitely been improvements. While The Bleeding is potentially their most progressive, in which it is more appreciated for the songwriting than for the skill and fury of the musicians, the second album under the Corpsegrinder era, Bloodthirst, definitely has a decent amount of time changes, variation, and sheer intensity, all while ripping your head off. It surprises me that not all of Cannibal Corpse’s discography has not been reviewed yet, (see my review for TOTM in week 1 of my tenure at MR). Cannibal Corpse are essentially the standard bearer for Death Metal. They single-handedly raised the ire of entire nations, politicians, religionists, and parents everywhere, all whilst bringing Death Metal to the prominence in which it indubitably deserves. Songs like Dead Human Collection and the next track, Unleashing the Bloodthirsty show the premise of progression. In certain parts, right when the listener feels that a song may peak early and reach a level or staleness, an immediate time change enters the picture, or a track picks up to breakneck speeds. This is the beauty of Cannibal Corpse. Cannibal Corpse are one of the few if the only remaining Death Metal band to have its strength in its string section. While Alex Webster is one of the best bassists in the world, the guitars are truly the hallmark of Cannibal Corpse . Bands like Nile, Hate Eternal, and Vader so often rely on their drummers to provide the power. Cannibal Corpse always have been outstanding due to their scintillating guitar work. The insertion of Pat O’Brien to the lineup was a fantastic decision upon the departure of Rob Barrett. Pat’s chops are amongst the best in Death Metal. His solos immediately improved the feel of the band.

The first four songs are tracks in which Cannibal Corpse could reach back and still play as if they were fresh and anew. Every CC album starts strong, but the opening riff of Pounded Into Dust is one of the most punishing, heavy, violent riffs in the history of Death Metal. The short rests between the rapidly picked notes make for a harrowing experience. If I had to choose any album from the Corpsegrinder era to provide the background for a slasher film, Bloodthirst might just cut it for me. Not that this is the best album from the Corpsegrinder regime. I feel that Vile and Kill are better, but something about the tone and attitude of Bloodthirst is haunting. This is about as fearsome as Cannibal Corpse have ever been.

The higher pitched, weaving riffs on tracks like The Spine Splitter and Ecstasy in Decay are nightmarish. Tracks like Raped by the Beast provide a strong, billowing drum and bass line to go along with a well worked solo. The solos on Bloodthirst nearly outshine the riffs. The riffs on this album are just too powerful for any other force of the band to overtake. My favorite song on the album is Unleashing the Bloodthirsty. Due to being an athlete and having decent balance, I never fell to the floor in a pit. Let me just say, that this was the second or third song they played when I saw them live, and I hit the floor, fast. The tracks on Bloodthirst are numerous and powerful. The solos are well written, with the dueling guitars always keeping the songs fresh. Paul’s drums are at their finest here. He is always consistent, as is the music of Cannibal Corpse.

I would not put this at the pantheon of Cannibal Corpse’s best albums, only because they have so much outstanding work. However, Bloodthirst is a solid and interesting take on Cannibal Corpse, showing that they have so much to offer beyond pure brutality.

Killing Songs :
Pounded Into Dust, Dead Human Collection, Unleashing the Bloodthirsty, The Spine Splitter, Raped by the Beast
Tony quoted 83 / 100
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