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Release year: 2011
Powerwolf, Metal Blade
Reviewed by Chris
Album of the Year V2

While bands like Edguy seems to call it quits when it comes to Power Metal, and the likes of Hammerfall aren't managing to keep the fire burning as they once did, it's up to the second generation of Power Metal kids to keep the fire burning. And thank god there are bands like Powerwolf, Axxis and Sabaton to remind us that Power Metal is still alive and kicking !

When I realized that only the debut album had been reviewed I thought it was time to correct this monumental mistake as Powerwolf is truly an amazing band. Thumbs up to my bro for finishing is review with a "something is cooking" comment, as he couldn't have been more right ! Powerwolf has pretty much topped each of their release since then. And while I have another two albums to review after this one (the ones in between the debut and this last opus), I cannot say for sure if Blood of the Saints is their best release yet. It's a KILLER album though, no questions here, amazing guitar riffs and melodies and a singer that is very lyrical, as well as original within the Power Metal genre. I guess this album is more symphonic than their previous release but a tiny bit less aggressive (nit picking here). The band has strong church tones in the form of choirs but that shouldn't detract anyone. I'm not religious, not by a long shot, and I couldn't care less about the sometimes religious sounding choirs as it gives the songs an original tone. I do however react well to powerful and melodic metal, and Powerwolf has this in spades ! One of my favorite bands for a couple of years now, their previous album Bible of the Beast being in my 2009 Album of the Year list and in my heart still their most powerful release to date. I believe this new opus is almost as good. Many of the songs are hymns and having seen them live in Wacken 2008, I can tell you that their repertoire is made for live performance and to enflame the crowds ! If you ever see them live (I strongly urge you to) then you will head bang, and raise your fists (pun intended). The guitar work on this album is amazing, both riffs and solos are excellent with some truly majestic moments. The songs stick in your head and you keep singing them all day long. The opener, Sanctified with Dynamite is a perfect example and one killer song to start the album. Die-Die-Dynamtite ! Hell yeah ! Sure the lyrics aren't always smart but I personally don't care. I won't really dabble into a song by song cause this review will take pages and I tend to make them way too longer lately (I am aware :) ). There is no denying that songs range from excellent to amazing throughout the entire album, but I still have favorite ones. My all-time favorite from the band has to be Dead Boys Don't Cry , whose speed, melodies and relentless pace are sure to grace my ears for years to come. Its main melodic riff is also one of the best riff of all times (think Iron Fire's Metal Victory but more melodic and higer tone, too bad it doesn't last longer and is only repeated once... I would have liked a double repeat like the one in Metal Victory). The opener is amongst my favorites and so are Murder At Midnight, We drink Your Blood, Phantom of the Funeral and All We Need Is Blood and Night of the Werewolves. Special mention to the epic album closer Ira Sancti as well. In the end everything about this release is very strong: production, amazing choirs and great catchy choruses, flying guitar melodies and heavy cubic riffs, a strong rhythm section and smart use of keys all contribute to the unique sound of Powerwolf. But there is no denying that the singer and his unique voice (and vocal style) is what distinguishes the band from the rest.

A band that doesn't seem to receive enough attention IMHO, as many don't seem to know them. In my eyes Powerwolf is the new Edguy, nothing less ! Sure the style is different, it's more hymn based and more reliant on church type choirs. But there is no denying that the excellent riffing and bang-your-head strong guitars (some of the best riffing and guitar melodies in a power metal band today) as well as vocal melodies carried by an amazing and unique singer makes Powerwolf a one of a kind band, one that deserves your attention if you like the aforementioned bands. In a world where Power Metal is losing it's former creators and heroes, Powerwolf is there to come to the rescue ! Usually I prefer to buy full albums with booklet and lyrics but I was so impatient to listen to this new album that I bought it on iTunes on release day at midnight, and I went to sleep only at 3AM that night, arriving quite tired at work the next day :). Definitely one of the best Power Metal release this year, no questions asked. There are very few bands I'm anticipating albums from in that category lately, but Powerwolf is leading the pack in that regard. All hail Powerwolf ! May your delicious blend of Power Metal grace our ears for decades to come, Hallelujah !

(and if you go soft on us and turn to Hard Rock I'll rip your balls off :) ).
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Chris quoted 94 / 100
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