Powerwolf - Bible of the Beast
Metal Blade
Power Metal
12 songs (47'44)
Release year: 2009
Powerwolf, Metal Blade
Reviewed by Chris
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I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that this album hadn't been reviewed, I remember when I reviewed their last album I thought to myself, heck I have to review Bible of the Beast as well. After all it's without a shadow of a doubt, Powerwolf's best album, and a killer power metal release every fan of the genre should possess.

I won't spend time describing Powerwolf core sound, this is done already in Blood of the Saints review. This album for me, is their best, and I believe it will stand the test of time. It contains almost only killer songs, with some out of this world moments that will forever be engraved in my memory, at least on the part of my synaptic network where I store music memories. I've heard formulaic to describe Powerwolf, and if that is the case I must say one thing : don't lose the formula ! Cause it delivers some of the most enjoyable, headbanging experience one can find in the power metal category as far as I'm concerned. The opener Raise your Fist, Evangelist is definitely such a song, strong in its Gothic choirs delivery, strong guitar riffs, great solo, and unforgettable chorus, that will have you literally raising your fist when played live. Powerwolf do tend to write their songs so you will sing along in concerts, which I personally find great. Vocally, both lead and choirs, Powerwolf is a force to be reckoned with, it is lyrically majestic all the way through. Let's now detail a few of the songs that are from another dimension. First we have Panic in the Pentagram, probably my favorite Powerwolf song (with Dead Boys don't Cry from Blood of the Saints). This song has it all, hook, tempo, riffs and killer chorus. It literally lifts my mood every time I listen to it. I feel compelled to air guitar and headbang almost every time. The solo is furiously fast and wickedly melodic (if a bit on the short side). What a song my friends ! Another guilty pleasure is We Take the Church by Storm. Another great song from beginning to end, with the end and the crescendo release at the end of the song, where the melody flies away and we get a different vocal melody for the chorus (pure genius !). Resurrection by Erection, is an amazing song, aside being absolutely hilarious, going farther away than what Tobias Sammet has done in his multiple joke songs in the past. The lyrics of this song will make you laugh hard, but the song is so intense, fast and powerful, that you will want to listen to it over and over again for it's catchy melodies. Again, pure genius at work here. I could write about each song and we would end up with an extremely long review, and while I try to shorten my review lately (hope it's noticeable :) ), I seem to get carried away most of the time. Old habits die hard I guess.

There is no doubt that this was album of the year back in 2009, probably one if not my favorite album for that year. Two years after, it's still an incredible pleasure to listen to this record from beginning to end. Powerwolf is one of my favorite metal bands, and is definitely one I am watching closely. I guess I should review Lupus Dei as well one of these days. Bible of the Beast is the best Powerwolf album to date, and I hope the band manages to top it during it's career (Blood from the Saints is a close second), but that will be a difficult task. Three thumbs up (counting the erection that is ;) ).

Killing Songs :
All, but my favorites are Panic in the Pentagram, Seven Deadly Saints, We Take the Church by Storm & Resurrection by Erection.
Chris quoted 95 / 100
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