Therion - Of Darkness....
Deaf Records
Death Metal
8 songs (39:29)
Release year: 1991
Reviewed by Goat
Archive review

It’s not a well-known fact that symphonic Swedish proggists Therion started life as a gnarly death metal band. Debut album Of Darkness.... is packed full of the stereotypically awesome Swedish death sound, deep, doomy and full of dread, although Therion circa 1991 are notably better at coming up with riffs than constructing songs around them. Tracks tend to be sprawling, meandering affairs held together loosely by speed and sheer determination to get the listener headbanging. Give the band their due, however, they more than succeed at this, and Of Darkness.... is a blast precisely because it’s death metal made by death metalheads for death metalheads. You won’t find the expert symphonic pull and thrust of the band’s later albums here, but instead something akin to the experience of picking up a rock in the forest and having a disgusting sprawl of ungodly insects slither their way up your leg!

Opener The Return sets the scene, mid-paced catchy riffing driving a gloriously traditional blast of rotten death metal, grunts and yelps from vocalist/guitarist Christofer Johnsson alongside crunching old-school breakdowns. Asphyxiate With Fear has hints of early Death in the guitarwork, with some lovely doomy sections and leadwork, Morbid Reality thrashes its way into your heart before turning almost Deicide-al with some vocal effects, whilst the infectious groove of Megalomania will stick in your head far longer than it deserves. True, nothing breaks the boundaries, but why should it? It’s repetitive, but fun, offering nothing too complex, but nothing that doesn’t exercise your neck... this ‘Therion’ band is going places!

Killing Songs :
The Return, Asphyxiate With Fear , Morbid Reality, Time Shall Tell
Goat quoted 79 / 100
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