Slayer - Reign In Blood
Def Jam Recording
Thrash Metal
10 songs (29'00)
Release year: 1986
Reviewed by Paul

Slayer is one of the greatest band that formed the Bay Thrash Area in the beginning of the 80's on the west coast of the USA. The band made a lot for the underground scene and became by far one of the leader in its category. Because Slayer goes further in its music and especially in its controversy lyrics. Reign In Blood is a good example of what the band is capable, reaching tops that many extreme bands will never reach. Slayer is the most extreme band, lets say with Testament, who played at the Monsters Of Rock in front of such a big audience.

The Tattoo The Planet Tour this year was also quiet a thing. And the band still plays Anno 2001 old classics from Reign In Blood like Altar Of Sacrifice, Jesus Saves, Angel Of Death and Raining Blood.

This masterpiece was produced by Rick Rubin and the band and engineered by Andy Wallace. Although Def Jam is a rap label, they liked Slayer and wanted them by the time to make a deal with them, the rest is history...

Of course, the fact that Dave Lombardo (Grip Inc, Testament, Fantomas) was by the time sitting behind the Altar Of Sacrifice helped the band to focus on their maximum capacity of playing fast, melodic and brutally. Dave's intro of Raining Blood became a classic in its genre.

What to say about Reign In Blood, this opus is still a reference in the death metal area . Lots of death metal band members say that it is a must in their collection.

Fifteen years later the reign is not over (Mr.King has still his crown...;-) ) and this masterpiece of brutality and aggressiveness is still a must. Reign In Blood lasts less than half an hour but when you listen to it the torture never stops 'til the final bloodbath: Raining Blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Killing Songs :
The whole bloodbath
Paul quoted CLASSIC
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