Dark Tranquillity - Zero Distance EP
Century Media
Melodic Death Metal
5 songs (18'54)
Release year: 2012
Dark Tranquillity, Century Media
Reviewed by Chris

Dark Tranquility needs no introduction, for me they've been one of the most consistent melodeath bands out there over the years. Where similar bands like In Flames definitely took a different direction from their roots trying to be more commercial (I didn't mind so much but I know most older fans did) somehow, Dark Tranquillity managed to stay true to their sound all these years. And while my favorite albums from them are about a decade old (Haven & Character), the band managed to stay interesting while keeping things fresh.

The songs presented in Zero Distance bare that futuristic sound and piano / key side that is the trademark of the band's sound. Vocals is one thing I like the most about the band, they are guttural somehow yet they are understandable (most of the time anyway), and I really love them and wish most melodeath would have vocals sounding like DT's. As always guitars shine, be the cubic riffs or the highly melodic, inspiring melodies that lifts and orientate the songs. If you like both pounding riffs and melodic guitars, then Dark Tranquillity is a band for you, they always manage to alternate fast and slower moments, with brilliant breaks and a lightness in their sound that you wouldn't expect from a melodeath band. Of course I wouldn't recommend this EP as a starting point if you don't know them yet (still, I can see some of the songs pick anyone's interest for the band), but rather full length albums (you can pretty much choose any, you will have a hard time finding a bad album). This EP contains 4 songs and 1instrumental track, which in the end isn't much music in terms of length but quality is there, as it's often the case with the band. At least the songs are varied, with daunting melodies, and some genius keys here and there. Both opener Zero Distance and closer The Bow and The Arrow (amazing riffs !) are my two favorite songs on the EP, even though they all have interesting parts. But both the energy of the opener and the amazing riffs/keys combo on the closer helped them distinguish themselves from the rest and maybe also because listening to both these songs gave me a old DT vibe feeling.

In the end I don't have much to say about this EP because there isn't much to say about the material present here. The songs are of great quality and with DT's well known core sound. There are some really great guitar melodies mixed with amazing keys delivering a futuristic sound that only Dark Tranquillity seems to master. It won't surprise you much in terms of style, but the songs are well crafted and any fan of the band will want to have these in their repertoire. I must admit I didn't listen to their last full length album We Are The Void, but when listening to Zero Distance, it makes me want to catch up with it (and so I will). A rather standard, and maybe a little on the short side, but yet satisfying EP.

Killing Songs :
Zero Distance & The Bow and The Arrow.
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