Under Suspicion - Under Suspicion
Frontiers Records
10 songs (47'58)
Release year: 2001
Frontiers Records
Reviewed by Dom
Surprise of the month

Another record came out from the Italian record company Frontiers! I'm a little bit anxious when I discover a brand new release on this record label. It seems to me that all the bands produced by this company sound like each other. My impression of this record label is that the bands who anybody don't want, will accept by them. Remembering Giant, Hurricane, and Co.

Today, I'm very surprised by the quality of this performer. The character of the group could be defined as "a heavy barrage of melody driven rock songs with pounding grooves and hard, sometimes merciless, yet tasty guitars"! It all started in early 1999 when Klay Shroedel produced the Jimi Jamison album entitled Empires. He found a studio for finishing the arrangements and was introduced to producer, songwriter and musician Peter Roberts. Peter charted a Dance Top 20 hit in '97 with Irene Cara for All My Heart and wrote George Benson's All I Know. He also worked for rock artists such as Stan Bush Always and Bryan Duncan No Greater Love. They searched for a bass player. When they heard a recording of Jeff Adams, a world-class vocalist and bassist, they immediately realized that he was the man for the band. Jeff worked with a lot of rock stars such as Mickey Thomas, Bobby Kimball and Jimi Jamison too! There's was just one little problem, he was currently a member of Starship. It was clear that they had to form the band… and it was done. Under Suspicion was born.

The musicians combine several rock styles and incredible vocal duets. This is a perfect production who lets the place to the energy and lyrics. The melodies stick rapidly in mind and turn your rainy days to sunny ones. A brilliant AOR like a light in the darkness.

Killing Songs :
Love Without A Net, Come Tomorrow, Just Your God, Traveler Of Time
Dom quoted 83 / 100
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