Symphony X - Live On The Edge Of Forever
Live Power/Prog
Disc 1: 9 songs (47'30) Disc 2: 6 songs (59'30)
Release year: 2001
Symphony X
Reviewed by Danny

There are lives .... and lives. This one will unfortunately not stay in the history of metal as a legendary one.

After a very "mild" studio album (Five), Symphony X returns back with this live record. It has become a tradition for bands to release live album at a very specific time of their career (end of deal with their label, split, new musical orientation, fan's request,...). As I have read that "the new studio Symphony X album will be heavier and less progressive" (M. Romeo himself), I guess this Live On The Edge Of Forever is the end of a chapter.

So why should you invest in this Live On The Edge Of Forever ?
1) You are fan of Symphony X !!! In other words .... you already have bought this one ;-)
2) You want to discover who is Symphony X .... I suggest you buy the original studio albums as the production is better. Another reason to buy the studio albums is that this live is too much represented by their last album (Five) and that Symphony X's studio records have much more to offer.
3) You are looking for a magical moment recorded live. I am not sure you will find this here ... unless you know Symphony X by heart.
4) There are two Cds and almost two hours of music, which is a true gift to Symphony X's fans.
5) Symphony X is unique ... and this live proves it once again (good solos) !!!

Some of you will say at the end this one is not an "overdubbed live" and sounds like a real concert ... and you are damn right. This live will not stay in the history of metal as a legendary live, but this is an honest live album, where Symphony X demonstrate us they really know how to use instruments and why their song-writing is so unique.

Now I hope Symphony X will return back with a kick-ass record and that their new chapter will "kill us all".

Killing Songs :
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