Silent Force - Infatuator
Massacre Records
Melodic Heavy Metal
13 songs (59'44)
Release year: 2001
Silent Force, Massacre Records
Reviewed by Chris
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I've not been that impressed by Silent Force first album I must say, and I was quite skeptical when my brother handed me the CD to make the review. The first one lacked originality for me and the production was not to my tastes.

Well, I don't know if it was just me at the time or what, but this album really rocks ! An impressive mixture between Judas Priest and Royal Hunt. OK, I see you guys frowned in the back, telling yourself these two styles aren't likely to be mixed... well believe me they are and the result is really a good surprise. The album starts with the album entitled track Infatuator, what a killer my friends. Judas Priest to the bones, this track is what I call real Heavy Metal with a crazy D.C. Cooper singing à la Halford (impressive !). DC Cooper will demonstrate his exceptional singer's talent throughout the album. I can really tell you that Royal Hunt will never be the same without him. The guitars are also exceptional, loud and heavy razor-sharp riffs, and incredibly fast and melodic solos doubled with the keyboards that are very present as well,just enough to envelop the entire Heavy Metal sound, in the opposite of Royal Hunt where the keys are much too in front of everything else. The album contains a nice MPEG video clip for your PC. Last but not least, the artcover is very nice.

The album displays the perfect balance between the melodic world from Royal Hunt and the roughness of Judas Priest. If you don't like these bands then Silent Force isn't for you, but if you like any of them or even both, then you absolutely must check out this band. But I'm sure this album can please almost any Heavy Metal fan. Now I'm gonna re-listen to the first album, cause I have the feeling I might have discarded it a bit too fast ;). Thumbs up !

Killing Songs :
All !!!
Chris quoted 90 / 100
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