Silent Force - Rising From Ashes
AFM Records
Power/Melodic Metal
10 songs (44'48'')
Release year: 2014
Silent Force, AFM Records
Reviewed by Jared

After staying quiet for seven years, Silent Force has returned back into the power and melodic metal scene. For such a long period, the band’s silence was hindering on the idea that they may not return. Rising From Ashes contains a new line-up which includes new and also old vocalist Michael Bormann, who originally sang on the 1998 album The Sygnet. Founder Alex Beyrodt returns once again to shred and tear up the fret board to deliver a truly hard rocking record.

Typically I am not much of a power metal fan by default, but this year has been laid out a bit differently for me. Last month’s Primal Fear album took me by storm, so I’ve been settled into a heavy and power metal filled mood. Silent Force’s album begins extremely strong with Caught in their Wicked Game. Right off the bat, Bormann’s vocal performance is striking, and melds perfectly especially with the attractive chorus.

There Ain’t No Justice keeps things upbeat and rocking hard. Beyrodt’s talent truly emerges with his ability to deliver memorable solos, as almost every song is filled with one. Living To Die and Before You Run are two crunchy tunes that beckons on the hardest of rocking that leave the urge to want more. Continuing from those two tracks, Born to be a Fighter may had started out sounding like an introduction to an anime cartoon with the synthesizers, but won me over me quickly with some heavy rhythmic guitars and great song writing that is just a solid rocking good time to put it simply.

Seven years is indeed a long time to stay silent. But Silent Force’s Rising from Ashes is a good step forward for the band after the prolonged absence. It’s melodic and heavy atmosphere pound more memorable hard rocking guitar licks and solos than I was expecting, and was one of the more fun albums I had the opportunity to listen to this year.

Killing Songs :
Caught In Their Wicked Game, There Ain’t No Justice, Living To Die, Before You Run, Born To Be A Fighter
Jared quoted 75 / 100
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