Silent Force - Worlds Apart
Noise Records
Melodic Heavy/Speed Metal
12 songs (58'00)
Release year: 2004
Silent Force, Noise Records
Reviewed by Danny
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D.C. Cooper rebounded inside Silent Force after being ejected from Royal Hunt. He joined forces with "riff-creator" Alex Beyrodt (known as guitarist inside Sinner & Primal Fear). Silent Force toured with Stratovarius, Angra and U.D.O., beneficing a quick spot-light for a "new starter". After their good debut album The Empire Of Future (2000), the band released an excellent second record called Infatuator (2001). This spring, Silent Force is back with their third record. You know my story about the third record, don't you ? No? That's very simple : you score ... or you disappear. Coincidently, Worlds Apart is the first album for Noise Records. In other words, Noise Records bets on Silent Force ;)

It took me just one spin to understand we got a winner in our hands. This is the kind of CD that will be stuck in my player this spring. The opener Ride The Storm speeches from itself : after a slow start, the first killing guitar riff is unleashed : woaaw !!! D.C. Cooper enters the show with his warm, beautiful, amazing voice. Oscillating between Ozzi and Rob Halford, D.C. Cooper looks hungry (&angry) like a pit-bull, decided to knock you down from the first round. The second song, No One Lives Forever, takes your breath away. Like it was the case on first track, the top-notch chorus is quickly printed in your mind . The announced "dream-team" is finally becoming a reality (Beyrodt/D.C. Cooper).

The third track - Hold On - reminds me Kamelot. With an arabesque ambiance, D.C. Cooper delivers another singing lesson. The fourth track, Once Again, is may be one of the best melodic speed/heavy metal song I have heard this year. I would compare Once Again to Warriors (Freedom Call) or Heroes (Masterplan). If you have these songs in mind, you know what I am talking about ;)

The following tracks are as good as the above-mentioned songs : Master Of Destiny, Death Comes In Disguise, Heroes, Spread Your Wings, Merry Minstrel, Worlds Apart, ... If you're still hesitating, just put an ear on Heart Attack (11th track): Beyrodt is simply wonderful and D.C. Cooper sings like Ozzy does on Bark At The Moon. Check the solos on this track, you will fall on your knees :)

Ok friends, this might sound as a very familiar sentence to you but if you are a fan melodic speed/heavy metal and you are a fan of Judas Priest, Stratovarius, Primal Fear, Sinner, Kamelot, you would make a big mistake if you miss this record. The quality of the songs is the trademark of Words Apart, from the beginning until the end. I mean there is not a single weak track, not a single boring moment. This is the sort of album you are proud to buy, the kind of album that deserves its place in your metal collection. Thus, if one of your friends doesn't know this band, you are even more proud to push the play button and look at his face while the CD is running :)

Killing Songs :
Once Again, Ride The Storm, No One Lives Forever, Heroes, Death Comes In Disguise, Heart Attack, Worlds Apart
Danny quoted 93 / 100
Marty quoted 80/100
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