King Kobra - Hollywood Trash
MTM Music
Hard Rock
13 songs (56'00)
Release year: 2001
MTM Music
Reviewed by Danny

What a pain in the ... :-(

King Kobra returns ... but does the hard rock scene really needs King Kobra. NO !!! The original lineup (the only magical one) is not back and don't get catch by the sticker which says Mark Free sings on this one. The original singer is not back at all unfortunately, even though you will have the pleasure to ear this talented singer on last two tracks, called bonus tracks, which are the best ones. Yes, you will have to wait until the last two songs to almost "feel again" why King Kobra is considered as a legendary hard rock band. In fact, one of this song (Here Comes The Night) is the demo song that got the original Capitol Record deal for King Kobra !!!

Don't misunderstand me !!! I have nothing against the new singer, Kelly Keeling, who does his "job" pretty well. I am just amazed how King Kobra (Carmine Appice ?) respect their early and true fans. Anyway ...

Now let's talk a bit of this new record. Overall, Hollywood Trash is more "bluesy" and less rock, but above all, this Hollywood Trash is poor, not magical at all and we have heard this type of hard rock a hundred times before. Worst in fact, King Kobra plays like Van Halen ... ooooopps sorry, they TRY to sound like Van Halen.

Let's make a story short : this one is a thousand light-years away from the two first bombastic records (King Kobra & Thrill Of A Lifetime). Now if you really want to come back guys, Mark Free should return inside King Kobra, like it was the case in 80's when you were the ultimate kings of hard rock. Can you believe that track eleven, Ready To Strike, which belongs to the history of King Kobra and Mark Free, has been re-recorded by this lineup and is a complete disaster !!!

Well at the end, you seems to show no respect to your fans, because apart an urgent need for money Mr. Appice (drummer), I am wondering why King Kobra is back with this soporific Hollywood Trash ...

Killing Songs :
The Edge, Angels, Here Comes The Night (with
Danny quoted 35 / 100
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