Dream Theater - Live Scenes From New York
Elektra Entertainment Group Inc.
Prog Metal
Disc 1: 10 songs (60'04) Disc 2: 10 songs (66'38) Disc 3: 5 songs (60'55)
Release year: 2001
Dream Theater, Elektra
Reviewed by Dom

This is the third live album of the American's Dream Theater. After Live At The Marquee (1993) and Once In A Livetime (1998), they come back with another live album but, this time, it's a gatefold sleeve digipack with 3 CDs included a multimedia section (you'll receive for your money)! As usual, if you are in phase with this performer, the three hours plus will seem to you a little bit shorter. Otherwise, the listening will transform it into mental torture.

I can compare the prog metal of Dream Theater to a roller coaster. It can turn you upside down because they take each three of five minutes another directions. They are able to play any kind of music and mixing up prog, jazz rock, heavy metal, rock and classical sections all together. This fact don't make any problems and they always do it with a very high level. We are in presence of genius who walk on the edge of musical feeling and talent's demonstration. Their fans have understand it! The CDs retrace the whole album Scenes From A Memory in a quite similar version to the original add with some other tracks taken from previous albums. The multimedia section gives you a lot of video clips, photographys and internet links. A perfect gift for Christmas time!

This band is so complex that sometimes I don't understand who they want to perform for. It's impossible for me to give you a good written idea of what kind of band Dream Theater is. You have to try it. If you don't know them, please, don't begin with this album, you'll be mad before you get to the third CD. Choose an easier and shorter album. Images And Words could be a better way to discover them. Other people can buy it with closed eyes, it's made for them!

Killing Songs :
You can choose yourself!
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