After Forever - Decipher
Transmission Records
11 songs (54'45)
Release year: 2001
After Forever, Transmission Records
Reviewed by Danny
Album of the month

Immediately the violins enters the arena, the place becomes very dark, the melancholy of Ex-Cathedra (ouverture) is magical and After Forever takes place !!!

The Angel (female's voice) and the Demon (male's voice) are dancing together, fighting one against another. Monolith Doubt, first track, is a demonstration of what dark/gothic became today and where the Angel (Floor Jansen, female vocalist) is giving a Soprano lesson. Sometimes, I am wondering if hell is not more beautiful than heaven as After Forever is able to put you this image in your brain. This is in fact the power of the gothic ...

My Pledge Of Allegiance is wonderful and this time the Angel and The Demon seems to be in love, as there is no more frontiers between the soprano and the guttural vocals ... this is the marriage of hell and heaven. The last time I had the same feeling was when I saw the last minutes of the Devil's Advocate (film). After Forever rules and any comparison with another gothic band is nonsense as this band is unique.

Second record, second killer !!! We are definitely very lucky to be fans of metal as lots of bands express their emotions via the same instruments (voice, guitar, bass, keyboard, drums) and are able to create (recreate) each time a new "Theater Of Pain".

If this Decipher is not announcing a new age for the gothic scene, I guess I should stop doing reviews. What a fantastic lessons of beauty, of power, of melancholy ... of life. As said above, After Forever is unique, but if you are fans of Within Temptation, Lacuna Coil, Nightwish (for the vocals only), The Gathering, To Die For, this one must be in your gothic collection.

And if you don't know (like?) gothic, I highly suggest to check this one ... as Decipher has the power to change your point of view !!!

Killing Songs :
The whole gothic opera !!!
Danny quoted 95 / 100
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