After Forever - Prison Of Desire
Transmission Records
Atmospheric/Gothic with a Classical influence
11 songs (54'12)
Release year: 2000
After Forever, Transmission Records
Reviewed by Marc
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This album was a big surprise to me. A pleasant one. When you press the play button, "Prison Of Desire" greets you with grandiose choirs. Then the first song gives you the tone: a soprano voice that will enchant fans of Nightwish and the male singer doing the counterpoint with a guttural and gloomy voice in the now classic "Beauty and the Beast" style. The choirs singing in latin would not be out of place on Eric Levi's Era (you know that album with Ameno on it ;).

The rest of the album continues on the same way but adding many variations to this theme so that not two songs are alike. For example, "Follow In The Cry" has some oriental sounding parts. Sometimes it can also get heavier with a fast tempo, more guitars and harsh vocals. It reminded me of Nightwish, Therion and Theatre of Tragedy all at the same time.

Did I mention that this is a first album? After this masterpiece I can only wonder what they'll do next. This is an highly recommended album for all fans of atmospheric and melodic metal.

Killing Songs :
Yield To Temptation, Leaden Legacy, Follow In The Cry
Marc quoted 94 / 100
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