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Living in New York but originally from Ireland.
Musical interests:
  • Favourite genres: In metal.... Heavy, Progressive, Symphonic, Power, Avant-Garde, Technical... but I also listen to a lot of pop and various electronic stuff. I listen to a lot of Michael Jackson. A lot.
  • Favourite bands: Nightwish, Dream Theater, Unexpect, Metallica, Kamelot, After Forever, ReVamp, Within Temptation, Evanescence, Protest the Hero, Ayreon, Edenbridge, Epica, HDK, Linkin Park, Liquid Tension Experiment, Mercenary, Sonata Arctica.
  • All time favourite album: Nightwish - Once
I'm human too:
  • Cool day job: Graphic designer
  • Hobbies: Design, art, music, writing, eating brunch
  • Bragging about education/college degrees: BA in Visual Communications
Other stuff I can be proud of: I won the competition to name MaYaN's debut album Quarterpast :D

Dream Theater - Dream Theater
Roadrunner Records
79 / 100 Major event
ReVamp - Wild Card
Nuclear Blast
Symphonic Metal
86 / 100
The Moth Gatherer - A Bright Celestial Light
Agonia Records
88 / 100 Surprise of the month
Godyva - Alien Heart
Sorcery Studios
Gothic Metal
35 / 100
Amaranthe - The Nexus
Spinefarm Records
82 / 100 Major event
Solisia - UniverSeasons
Scarlet Records
78 / 100
Pronostic - Deviated Inner Spectrum
Technical Melodic Death Metal
85 / 100 Surprise of the month
Celtachor - Nine Waves from the Shore
Irish Black Folk Metal
74 / 100
The Devil - The Devil
Candlelight Records
Cinematic Metal
52 / 100
The Advent Equation - Limitless Life Reflections
Independent Release
87 / 100
Picture Me Broken - Mannequins
Standby Records
Rock/Modern Metal
43 / 100
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