Godyva - Alien Heart
Sorcery Studios
Gothic Metal
11 songs (47:56)
Release year: 0
Reviewed by Rob

I'm a little surprised that I hadn't heard of Godyva until recently, considering that the band is now thirteen years old. Although they consider themselves gothic metal I have to say that this definitely doesn't sound like any gothic metal that I've ever heard. It's not very dark or haunting, but they go for a bombastic symphonic sound all the same. The problem here is that the composition isn't dramatic enough to warrant the intensity suggested by an orchestral backdrop. Symphonic metal is a very hard genre to pull off, especially due to the fact that if done wrong it can come across as very hokey. Godyva make a good effort but aren't diverse enough in their ideas to make the work sound tasteful. If we're not being offered a unique sound, then it's not too much to ask for unique songs, but even on that level Alien Heart is below average to poor. Naturally this leads to an awkward disconnect between their original intentions and how you actually interpret the songs, which too often results in cringeworthiness.

Lady Godyva herself is very capable and in tune, but during the slower songs she lacks tenderness and vulnerability, sounding intrusive and unable to fully captivate the listener. Again, she can hit the notes, but that's the basic expectation of any lead vocalist.

Alien Heart may satisfy fans who love symphonic and power metal so much that they're occasionally lenient with their music choices, but as far as a broader appeal goes, the execution just isn't up to the standard that this particular style requires. It's certainly a bad sign when the song that you consider best on the album turns out to be a cover. Their mathematically basic songwriting lacks heart and worthwhile progressions, right across the board. While there are some promising moments, they stand out so glaringly compared to the bad moments that even the band must know it, so it pains me to say that Alien Heart gets a rather direct thumbs down this April Fools'.

Killing Songs :
I Feel You (Ti Sento), Everything Is Over, Brainstorm
Rob quoted 35 / 100
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