Carpathian Forest - Morbid Fascination Of Death
Avantgarde Music
Black Metal
12 songs (46:12)
Release year: 2001
Avantgarde Music
Reviewed by Goat
Archive review

After Strange Old Brew truly unleashed the Norwegians' perverted brand of punked-up black metal, there seemed little restraining Nattefrost and co, and the following year's Morbid Fascination Of Death repeats the best tricks. It's not a step forwards so much as a step sideways, the band becoming comfortable in their filth and wallowing - yet it's a most enjoyable wallow, as the opening drum pounding and keyboard blares prove, intro Fever Flames And Hell throwing Nattefrost's perverse snarl beneath the devastatingly loud bass to wonderful effect. And of course, when the actual metal comes in, the headbanging is mandatory, Doomed To Walk The Earth As Slaves Of The Living Dead just one of many neck-destroying anthems. Starting with almost mid-paced grumbling before launching into black breakneck metal, getting faster and faster. At once chillingly atmospheric and pleasingly catchy, it's a snapshot of the band at their best.

Fortunately we're not restricted in that regard, and the following title track continues to wreak destruction in its path. Through Self-Mutilation is pleasingly like old-school Morbid Angel in its initial ripping riffage, soon turning into a perverse mid-paced bass-led stomp-a-thon. Knokkelmann is like a track from Transilvanian Hunger reimagined with fist-pumping breakdowns, and there's almost no break between that and the memorable riffage that opens Warlord Of Misanthropy. Say what you like about Carpathian Forest's image, they know what they're doing when it comes to songwriting, something apparent from the slower, more atmospheric likes of A World Of Bones, which holds your attention without the absolute physicality of the likes of Carpathian Forest. I'd have liked more saxophone than the usage on the rather excellent Cold Comfort, which is exactly what you'd get if you opened a black metal jazz club and attempted to summon demons whilst high on illicit substances - all snarls, discordant saxophone and piano tinkles. Throw in a a bonus Mayhem cover (all vicious riffing and black metal pizzazz) and demo track (lengthy and atmospheric, a nice finale) and what more could anyone need? Carpathian Forest are one of those bands in the black metal genre that you are pretty much guaranteed a good time with, and although Morbid Fascination... isn't better than Strange Old Brew, it's still a delightful blast of perversion in its own right.

Killing Songs :
Doomed To Walk The Earth As Slaves Of The Living Dead, Through Self-Mutilation, Knokkelmann, Carpathian Forest, Cold Comfort
Goat quoted 80 / 100
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