Beardfish - The Void
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Progressive Rock
11 songs (76:15)
Release year: 2012
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Reviewed by Stefan
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Beardfish number 7, already! Since 2003, when they released a promising debut (Från En Plats Du Ej Kan Se), the Swedes have become an almost yearly appointment, one not to be missed if you’re in any way interested in quality progressive rock. In so doing, they patiently established themselves as one of the strongest formations of the (retro) prog genre refining their sound, slowly shaping it into what it is today: a strong and skillful display of a quartet which never over-displays his abilities in pompous and masturbatory exercises, which grounds his art in the humble craftsmanship of songs.

Take They Wishper, one of the album’s highlights, on a Yes basis, hints of early 10CC's quirky pop touch and the kind of ”heaviness" demonstrated in later years by the likes of Porcupine and you get... An excellent prog rock tune! Certainly, most of what the band displays throughout those 76 minutes is highly derivative, and many of the "Great Old Ones" who crafted, landmarked the very style Beardfish so successfully reproduces with the kick of the modern production, alternatively come to mind while playing this excellent Void. No doubt, you will too be reminded of Genesis which Beardfish borrows a certain symphonic/popish side from, King Crimson which (era two, ending with the masterful Magnum Opus Red) the clinical and technical precision and lead-heavy riffage eventually pops out. Etc. And it’s all very fine because, well, it works, the songs are good, it’s as simple as that (hasn’t it always?). It’s everything a progressive rock lover would want to hear, kind of a womb record, something to make you feel all fuzzy and warm inside.

Which might actually not have been the band’s intent (I confess taking very little attention what shenanigans were sung about) seeing the new “tone” of the cover, colorless, and the heavier sound generally applied (though The Void does not, in any way, defines as progressive metal). Well that’s what it did to this progressive rock aficionado and it felt good! Now, if you expect Beardfish to take you to brand new shores, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Beardfish is what it is: a damn good progressive rock band which never fails to deliver, something to cherish if you ask me.

Killing Songs :
It's all good.
Stefan quoted 90 / 100
Olivier quoted 89 / 100
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