Candeny - Kick Me/Colder
Self released
Melodic Heavy Rock
2 songs (07:51)
Release year: 2012
Reviewed by Aleksie
I don’t know if it’s the popping up of mushrooms in falltime forests, but in similar fashion I’ve felt that this time of year has been a particularly active one for me finding fresh Finnish names popping out from the heavy music scene. Candeny is a troupe that has well over 6 years of history under a different name and a different drummer behind the skins. Under this new name, they’ve targeted their debut studio album for next year and have now put out a sample with this single.

Their modus operandi is a considerably melodic mixture that walks the tightrope between metal and rock skillfully. The intro-riff to Kick Me gets close to even Pantera-level grooving. Soon enough though, the mood gets “lighter” to a vibe that reminds me of Alice In Chains’ self-titled album. This could also be influenced by the opening vocal melodies of the tune, which recall Sludge Factory somewhat closely. The band plays very tightly and the strong female vocals (very straightforward, gritty rock-style, nothing operatic or such going on here) could provide the horsepowers for a truck or even a couple. The stylish guitar leads are a definite plus. The “B-side” song, Colder, provides some cleaner guitar work and a slower, churning pace with a similar emphasis on melody. While a predictable show of dynamics on such a two-song set, it does prove that the group can handle both raucous rockers and moodier pieces.

On top of all this, Candeny’s debut single is a testament to the kind of quality craftsmanship that can be done in modest, self-financed studio-conditions. The soundscape is excellent with crunch in the guitars, punch in the drums (love the thud of that bass drum) and everything nicely balanced. If the band’s full-length continues on a level as promising as this single, all fans of heavy rocking should keep their ears peeled.
Killing Songs :
Kick Me
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