Candeny - Season One
Melodic Heavy Rock
9 songs (34:37)
Release year: 2013
Reviewed by Aleksie
Less than a year after releasing their debut single Kick Me/Colder, Finland’s Candeny has now reached the point of their self-released debut full-length. Just like with the single, I must marvel at the independently funded and recorded production job within. So crunchy, so powerful. And just like with their single, their mix of metallic riffage and hard rock-chugging carries a world of potential that they nurture with added dynamics throughout the record. Even if I must say that in full-length form, not every track holds up to a head-nodding standard.

Opening the record with the razor-sharp grooving of Kick Me is a good bet and a nice, Pantera-vibed punch in the gut right away. Singer Miona doesn’t go for a Phil Anselmo-style growl at any point to drive such a vibe truly home, nor is it necessary. Her mix of a strong traditional rock voice and a bit more biting snarl compliments the material well. The album fares well on the front of the rapidly paced tunes beyond the opener as well, as tunes such as Solitude and Give It Up prove. The second radio single 20 Years to Life is a more frustrating case. The intro riff, aggro mid-section and snappy guitar solos work like a charm, but when the chorus is supposed to shoot the song into orbit, the tune gets stuck in a mediocre, low-grooving chug.

In similar fashion, the record has a harder time maintaining the hooks and appeal when we look at the mellow moments that bring in the overall dynamics. The ballads within just don’t dig into the ear cavities using their own weapons in the same manner the finest fast-paced songs found here too. Dry Out is an alright acoustic exhibition with musically good ideas, but eventually ends up more on the side of melancholic cheese than I’d hope for. Window Shopping Souls tries to bring some atmospheric pomposity like a mofo and gets really close to sucking you totally in, so I do feel the deficiencies with the mellow songs are just a question of refinement.

All in all, Candeny’s first season leaves a good taste in your mouth with a notable amount of promise to keep following into the future. Keep on truckin’ bravely with the different dynamic extremes found on this record, ya hear?
Killing Songs :
Kick Me, Solitude & Give It Up
Aleksie quoted 72 / 100
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