Nunslaughter / Abigail - Fucking Satan (split)
Hells Headbangers
Death, Thrash Metal
4 songs (10:28)
Release year: 2012
Hells Headbangers
Reviewed by Goat

My initial plans for a terribly amusing joke about how Nun's Laughter have created another joyous Christian metal release sure to gladden the hearts of believers was ruined completely when I saw the artwork for this, the infamous band's split with Japanese thrashers Abigail. Yes, it's another blasphemous spew of cock-related nunbuggery from the American reprobates, and joining up with Abigail is a fitting decision, given the latter's choice of album titles like Sweet Baby Metal Slut. This split is very short at barely over ten minutes in length, but does provide a platter of simplistic splatter for those in the market for it, although it's not either band's best material...

It's easy to like Nunslaughter generally, but this split certainly isn't them at their best. Opener Back To Hell is a plodding, very nearly dull clunker that starts promisingly with raw hellish backing noise and early-Slayer-esque riffage before kicking into a mid-paced stomp that never goes anywhere, practically repeating the same riff all the way through. Almost like a deflated Angelcorpse, Nunslaughter-by-the-numbers is far from fun, so what a relief that the minute-long God follows; a speedy, crunchy thrashy bit of fun that restores your faith in Nunslaughter and makes them sound far less flaccid.

I love Abigail, unashamedly. Their party-sex-thrash-bitch-street-metal is a lot of fun, but it's their black metal past that comes to mind most when listening to their half of the split, especially Night Of The Reaper which is like a demo offering from some hallowed Norwegian black metal legend, and rocks considerably as well as having a dark, clammy atmospheric touch. The following Violent Force is a ripping slice of raw thrash, all cymbals, simplistic guitar lines and yowled, barely legible vocals. Abigail have done far better, and yet these tracks are anything but throwaway, good solid metal from an underappreciated band in the metal underground.

Have to give the prize to Abigail ultimately, then, and if you're new to the Japanese legends (formed all the way back in 1992!) then do take this opportunity to investigate further. On the other hand, you probably have your mind made up about Nunslaughter already, but if new to their world this won't convince that further exploration is warranted. One for collectors.

Killing Songs :
Nunslaughter - God, Abigail - Night Of The Reaper, Violent Force
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